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Kixt Overview


Kixt (KIBI text) groups together a number of related specifications pertaining to character sets, text rendering, and document storage.

1. Introduction

Although Unicode generally provides an extensive and well-supported means of storing, classifying, rendering, and transforming text, its status as a universal character set means that minority and experimental scripts may not have a proper representation at a given time. Kixt is a limited approach at a generalizable means of dealing with text which allows for custom encodings and properties in a simple and clearly-defined manner.

2. Specifications

Kixt Charset

Defines the Kixt Charset Model and the file format for Kixt Charset Definitions.

Kixt Transmissions

Defines the Kixt Transmission Format for storing and communicating Kixt texts.

Kixt Formatting and Controls

Defines the Kixt controls, for use communicating with Kixt programs.

Kixt XML

Defines the Kixt XML document format for using Kixt character sets with XML.

3. Changelog

Added link to Kixt Formatting and Controls.

Initial specification.